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  1. Are you sharing my child's information with any third party?

  2. Can I add an additional email to my account so both parents of my child can receive the email alerts and digests?

  3. Can I use your service if I don't have my child's account passwords?

  4. Can't login? Having problems logging in?

  5. Do you monitor my child's cell phone activity?

  6. How can I change my alert settings to tailor my child's alerts to specific issues that I care about?

  7. How can I view the entire conversation of private messages?

  8. How do I activate my free Avira subscription?

  9. How do I add my child to SocialShield?

  10. How do I change my email address? How do I change my username?

  11. How do I connect Google+ to SocialShield

  12. How do I connect MySpace to SocialShield

  13. How do I connect Twitter to SocialShield

  14. How do I delete my account?

  15. How do I dismiss an alert?

  16. How do I figure out who else is tagged in a photo from my child's Facebook?

  17. How do I login to view my child's report?

  18. How do I remove a child from my account?

  19. How do you determine suspicious friends?

  20. How does SocialShield monitoring work?

  21. How many social networks does your service cover?

  22. How much does it cost?

  23. How often will the reports be updated? How often will I get emails?

  24. How real are the dangers on social networks?

  25. How to connect Facebook to SocialShield

  26. How to connect Formspring to SocialShield

  27. How to create an account on SocialShield

  28. I am experiencing a problem with your site. What do I do?

  29. I am not receiving any emails, what should I do?

  30. I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

  31. I have declined the Terms of Service, what happens now?

  32. I thought I cancelled my membership, so why am I still getting emails?

  33. I would like to stop receiving emails from SocialShield, what should I do?

  34. If a friend appears that I don't like, how do I remove them from my child's social network?

  35. Is there any way to connect my child without their knowledge?

  36. It says my child is now a member of a group. What does this mean?

  37. It says my child RSVP'd to an event. How can I find out more information about this event?

  38. My child has been disconnected from SocialShield. What happened and how do I reconnect my child?

  39. What are the benefits of using SocialShield?

  40. What do I do if I see an inappropriate photo on my child's social network?

  41. What is included in the reports for Facebook?

  42. Where is my free Avira subscription activation code?

  43. Which photos show up on the Photos page?

  44. Why do I need SocialShield for my family?

  45. Why does my child's online reputation matter?

  46. Why should I know my children's account passwords?

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