Why do I need SocialShield for my family?

  • Social networks are a great place to interact with friends and family and stay updated on businesses, celebrities, and even news. Unfortunately, social networks also pose a very real danger to its most vulnerable users – children. SocialShield gives parents the tools to help keep their children safe on social networks by scanning, analyzing and reporting what parents can’t see. Our service is cloud-based, meaning no matter where your child accesses their social network (school computer, cell phone, tablet devices, etc.), they will be protected. SocialShield’s patent-pending technology alerts parents of questionable friends and activities on their child’s social network account including contact from strangers, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, revealing personal information and careless, potentially reputation-damaging activities.
  • SocialShield will open the door for parents to teach their children how to safely interact online without invading their privacy or risking the consequences of reputation-damaging or unsafe activities.

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