How real are the dangers on social networks?

  • Unfortunately, the dangers on social networks are very real. Social networks are essentially unregulated and as a result, provide many users a sense of anonymity, causing them to behave in ways they might not have elsewhere. In fact, a recent study found that 88% of teens have witnessed mean or cruel behavior on social networks. In addition, 41% of parents are aware of a serious incident on a social network although many incidents were not reported to parents at all. (Pew Research Center Publications, Teens, Kindness and Cruelty on Social Network Sites, Nov 2011)
  • Suicide is the third largest cause of death among young people. Victims of cyberbullying are between 2 and 9 times more likely to commit suicide. Educators recognize these real dangers and consider cyberbullying to be as big of an issue as smoking and drugs among teens. (Microsoft Safety and Security Center, Cyberbullying: Parents and Educators View, Oct 2010)

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