What are the benefits of using SocialShield?

A lot of parents think they can learn all about their children's social network activity just by friending them on Facebook. Kids are often updating their social network accounts multiple times per day so keeping track of your kids can take up a lot of time. Even if you had all the time in the world to sift through your child’s Facebook activity, you still might not be getting the whole picture. A lot of parents don’t know that for tech-savvy children, it is quite simple to adjust privacy settings on Facebook to only allow certain things to be seen by their parents and concerned family members. In addition, regardless of privacy settings, friending your child on Facebook will not give you access to their private messages, their posts on their friends wall whom you are not friends with, groups marked as "secret" and private events your child is attending that you are not invited to. SocialShield eliminates all of these stresses by giving kids a chance to maintain their privacy and giving parents peace of mind by alerting them only when there is cause for concern. Plus, in addition to Facebook, SocialShield covers Formspring, Twitter, MySpace and Google+.

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